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Teledyne DALSA
605 McMurray Rd
Waterloo, ON N2V 2E9

Year Founded: 1980
No. of Employees: 1000
Phone: 519-886-6000
Fax: 519-886-8023

Teledyne DALSA

For over 30 years Teledyne DALSA has been the world leader in providing machine vision components and solutions. From powerful, innovative image sensors, cameras and acquisition boards to sophisticated vision software and intelligent vision systems, Teledyne DALSA is the only company in the world to own the core technologies required for image sensing, capturing and processing products.

Teledyne DALSA is part of the Teledyne Imaging group of leading-edge companies aligned under the Teledyne umbrella. From aerospace through industrial inspection, radiography and radiotherapy, geospatial surveying, advanced MEMS and digital and signal processing solutions, Teledyne Imaging’s portfolio of products, capabilities and technical expertise allow it to tackle the most difficult tasks in the most demanding applications, delivering solutions that maximize value for customers.


The Genie Nano-M2450-Polarized model features a monochrome quad polarization filter, resolution of 2448 x 2048 pixels, and image capture of 35 frames-per-second. View Product
The Piranha4-2k Polarization camera uses Teledyne DALSA’s advanced quadlinear CMOS image sensor with nanowire micro-polarizer filters. It captures multiple native polarization state data without any i... View Product
With 86 megapixels at 16 fps and a global shutter, Falcon4 offers unique, unprecedented capabilities for large area, high resolution, high speed imaging. View Product
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