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Johann-G-Gutenberg-Str 20
Olching D-82140

Year Founded: 1973
No. of Employees: 15
Phone: 49-8142-44841-0
Fax: 49-8142-44841-90


RAUSCHER GmbH distributes all imaging components: area- and linescan cameras, software, frame grabbers, smart cameras, embedded systems, optics, lighting, and accessories.

RAUSCHER GmbH Products

Matrox Iris GTR smart camera

Matrox Iris GTR is a line of powerful smart cameras designed for system integrat... View Product

Basler ace

GigE Vision, Camera Link and USB 3.0. CCD and CMOS Sensors up to 14 Megapixel View Product

e2v UNiiQA+ Mono/Color

Powerfull low-Cost CMOS linescan up to 4k resolution, 100 kHz. View Product

e2v ELiiXA+ Multi-Line CMOS

ELiiXA+ with e2v’s recently developed multi line CMOS technology provides an unm... View Product

e2v ELiiXA RGB + Mono/NIR

4k resolution, quad-linear camera with backside-illuminated CCD. 3 lines for RGB... View Product

Adimec Sapphire 25 Megapixel

Based on 25 Megapixel VITA 25 or python 25k sensors, Adimec cameras deliver outs... View Product

e2v AViiVA 2 EM1 / EM2 / EM4 series

High-Speed, High-Sensitivity, Low-Noise Linescan cameras with Camera Link and Gi... View Product

Basler Tim-of-Flight (ToF)

Basler ToF camera is a 3D camera based on the Time-of-Flight principle. It is fu... View Product

Basler dart board level cameras

Basler dart offers smallest Board Level Design, Highly Flexible, USB3 Vision Sta... View Product

Adimec Norite 5 Megapixel - Single CXP

5 Megapxiel with Onsemi python sensor. Single CXP output for high thoughput with... View Product