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Featured Suppliers

Basler AG, Ahrensburg, Germany - 20 Products

Leading manufacturer of digital cameras and lenses for factory automation, medical & life sciences, retail and traffic applications. Products offer easy integration, compact size, excellent image qual...
Point Grey is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-performance digital cameras for industrial, medical and life science, traffic, biometric, GIS, and people counting ...
NA Master Distributor for Vieworks Industrial Machine Vision Cameras with GigE, CoaXPress and Cameralink interfaces, Emergent 10 GigE Cameras, low cost Uncooled Microbolometer GigE Thermal Cameras and...
Specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance cameras that meet the application-specific requirements of key market segments, including machine vision, healthcare, and global se...
AZURE Photonics Co., Ltd, established in 2000, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified leading professional designer and manufacturer. We are headquartered in Fuzhou, China. AZURE owns strong pro...
A global company focused on enabling the Internet of Things, offers embedded computing solutions for intelligent devices, gateways and cloud services that support the transition to connected systems.
IMPERX manufactures high-performance cameras, frame grabbers and imaging solutions. Designed by experience engineers and programmers, IMPERX consistently introduces inventive and reliable products wit...
Tamron is a leading manufacturer of ultra high resolution Tamron Megapixel lenses designed to match pixel pitch 2.5 µm and 3.1 µm sensors with low distortion, high durability and high versatility.
More than 25 years of experience – within industrial machine vision this is almost an eternity! SVS-VISTEK has its beginnings in 1987, established for the sale of opto-electronic components, an...
Turnkey Test and Automation Solution Provider World leading supplier of precision Test and Measurement Instrumentation, Automated Test Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Turnkey Test and Aut...

Featured Products

Linea Color Series

Teledyne DALSA

Bumblebee XB3

FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions

3MP Manual Iris Lenses

AZURE Photonics Co Ltd

Hermes API: SDK for developing your own DVR application

NorPix Inc

Tamron 1.1" 16mm F/1.8 12MP Megapixel Lens (model M111FM16)

Tamron USA Inc

BOA XA Series

Teledyne DALSA

Emergent 20MP 10GigE 32 FPS Digital Vision Camera

Vision Systems Technology LLC

Lighting, Lenses & Filters

Saber1 Technologies LLC

Quartz Q-12A65


Basler ace Series (GigE)

Basler AG

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