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Featured Suppliers

Basler AG, Ahrensburg, Germany - 12 Products

Leading manufacturer of digital cameras for factory automation, medical & life sciences, and traffic applications. Products offer easy integration, compact size, excellent image quality, and a very st...
Designs and manufacturers precision, high-frequency fluorescent light controllers, metal halide electronic ballasts, HP sodium illumination controllers, tungsten lamp controllers and coming soon LED l...
Designs, manufactures, and supplies top quality lighting and imaging components and systems for machine vision solutions. Provides integrated solutions, from standard components to fully customized op...
Develops, manufactures and and sells highly sophisticated infrared imaging systems for the worldwide R&D market. The ImageIR family contains cooled MWIR- and LWIR-cameras up to (1.280 x 1024) pixels.
Foveal Camera Mounts solve a particular problem, namely to precisely position a camera and then lock it down so it will not move, even under strong "persuasion".
Manufactures frame grabbers, industrial and scientific imaging software, and application development software products with more than 21 years of experience solving demanding applications for OEMs, sy...
Supplies both standard and custom machine-vision cable and cable assemblies. Provides high-flex assemblies and bulk cable through major dealers. Products include Camera Link, CoaXPress, Camera Link HS...

e2v, Milpitas, CA - 20 Products

e2v is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance image sensors (CMOS, CCD, EMCCD) and cameras for a broad range of applications including machine vision, medical, science, aerospace and defense ...
Euresys, a leading manufacturer of image and video acquisition components and image processing software, has more than 25 years of imaging expertise in the machine vision, healthcare, ITS  and vi...
The FastCamera Series of cameras and systems are the initial realizations of the concept of high-speed mega pixel digital smart camera systems, based on CMOS and CCD. High-speed, scalable, integrated.

Featured Products

AVC8000S - 8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for PCIe

Advanced Micro Peripherals

Cyton CXP4

BitFlow Inc

SOD-X Series: Super Optical Device, High Magnification MML Telecentric Lenses

MORITEX North America Inc

TroublePix 800: Portable 800 fps trouble shooting system.

NorPix Inc

VC Series

Vieworks Co Ltd

H264-HD2000 - Dual HD PCI/104 H.264 Compression Card

Advanced Micro Peripherals

FIFO-0420MM 2.0MP 1/2"Format Manual Iris Machine Vision Lenses

FIFO Optics Co Ltd

FastCamera 300

FastVision LLC

CCD image sensors


TroublePix 500: 500 frames per second at VGA resolution

NorPix Inc

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